The Best Places of Free Images to use on Websites


When you are designing a website, something that will really add to the site and take it to another level is some good images. Nowadays since people have a lot shorter attention spans than they used to have, visual content is a must for every website because it will help capture the eye of the viewers and make them want to stay on the page longer and even explore the written content or the products, depending on what kind of website you have. Finding good quality free images to use on websites can be difficult, however there are some sites out there that will always come through with some amazing content. Today we are going to share some of them with you, so make sure you keep reading and get ready to take some notes.


Apart from this being an excellent source for finding both free and paid graphics, they also offer a great editing service that will allow you to actually create your own content for blogs or any kind of other social media graphics, book covers and much more. If you don’t like the graphic options that Canva offers, the site will even allow you to go so far as to let you upload your own graphics. The site wants to help you find your perfect images so much that the Canva Design School even has a list of a hppign 74 other free stock photo sites that you will be able to visit and go through. This way even if you don’t happen to find something on Canva, you will have other options to consider.

When looking for free images to use on websites is a must on your list of sites to visit. They provide a ton of free images that you will be able to use without any extra permission from any of the photographers that provided the images for the site. If you are wondering how the photographers get compensated for their work, then the answer is that the site compensates them by using the ad revenue from the site. In order to be able to use the photos on this site you will have to register, which can be a big of a downside if you are not someone that wants to register on sites, but the registration process is completely free so that makes things a bit easier and since the outcome will be some amazing free images that you can use on your site, we feel like that is a fair “price” to pay.

If you are looking for a site that doesn’t require any kind of registration or anything else and you only want simplicity, then this is the way to go. They have a very large variety of images that are all free to use and they have them separated in several categories which means that you can find the perfect free images for pretty much any kind of business. Once you find the images that you are after you can then simply download them and the process is also really simply and you will end up with either a jpeg or a ZIP File.

Because visual content is now more important than ever it is also more important than ever that the visuals are of incredibly high quality. The sites that we spoke about above have the quality content that you should be looking for when looking for images to use on websites, so definitely make sure to check them out and you will surely be able to find some amazing images for your own website regardless of whether it is a personal or professional one.

Another important aspect besides the images for your website is the hosting you should choose, below we show you the most important aspects.


What are The Best Options to Host Your Website on?

It is fair to say that the best online option is relative to the needs of your online business as well as individual preference. If you are familiar with coding, enjoy the creative aspect of building your website or if the nature of your online business demands it then probably a self-hosting open source options such as Magento and Woocommerce would work for you.

However, if coding is not exactly your cup of tea and you have no time to learn, then a web building platform that has a ready off the shelf template is what you need. Shopify and BigCommerce are some of the most popular options when it comes to hosted online stores.

Shopify has wide-range of responsive themes

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company that has loads of successful merchants. Creating a website on this platform is simplified as it has the robust technical infrastructure to build upon and a wide range of themes to choose from. Since there is no coding required, most people can follow simple guidelines and build an aesthetically pleasing, functional website within a short time frame.

Shopify provides a lot of free themes as well as premium themes that are for sale. Both theme options have good responsiveness that ensures your site is aesthetically appealing across numerous devices including mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Shopify provides robust security features

Other than building your website quickly, Shopify security features are remarkable. It uses 256- bit SSL encryption to process transactions and customer credit card details. Shopify is also level 1PCI compliant meaning customers have nothing to worry about when carrying out transactions on an online store that is powered by Shopify. With inbuilt SEO support features, this e-commerce platform is one of the best options for building and hosting your online business.

BigCommerce – reliable technical infrastructure

Small to medium-sized business find BigCommerce appealing. This is because this e-commerce platform generally offers more free features on its basic package compared to any other platform including Shopify.

BigCommerce has undergone quite a transformation in recent years. It started as a self-host platform but has evolved to become a hosting platform. It is relatively easy to build your website on this platform, and there are numerous designs and themes to work with in addition to a reliable technical infrastructure as well as secure payment gateways.


BigCommerce has less mobile responsive themes, but to its credit, it has a more flexible approach for more extensive business who are willing to learn to code via the BigCommerce ‘University.’ Shopify on the hand is an excellent option for smaller businesses that are starting up. An online store owner needs to figure out which one will work best with their chosen business model but whichever you settle on your online business will be the better for it.




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