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Black and White Photo Booth Images

Black and White Photo Booth Images

Black and White Photo Booth Images

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Photo Booth Pictures are Fun for Corporate and Wedding Events!
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Mega Photo Booth, Larger Booth, 4x6 Photos and Strips, Vertical 22” Touch Screen, Video Message Option, Facebook/E-mail

NEW Open Photobooth, 4 Impressive Screens, Video Message Option, Facebook/E-mail

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Across the nation people are looking for new ways to make social events unique, entertaining and memorable. Photo booths have been found to add the most value and entertainment per person.

Photo booths at weddings and corporate events is growing in popularity and becoming the latest event trend. All you have to do is attend an event with a photo booth, you will understand why they have become so popular.

Photo booths draw so much attention they have become a beneficial fundraising tool for local schools charities.

The resulting pictures they produce are always fun, sometimes hilarious and very often priceless. But the pictures are only part of the story. Photo booths, especially at a wedding reception, are SO MUCH FUN! The entertainment factor alone is a big part of their appeal. A wedding reception with a photo booth is usually a very memorable experience in and of itself.

The photo booth concept is nothing new. Invented in the 1920's, vending machine style photo booths produced an automated and affordable portrait solution for the masses and exploded in popularity during World War II. Over the years photo booths have remained popular despite huge advances in photography and significantly lower costs for everyday snap shooters. Why? The fun and intimacy of the automated photo booth experience is the reason. With no photographer to please, people are at liberty to produce images they like, making pictures that are amazingly fun, spontaneous, and a bit goofy sometimes, but often very touching.

The ultimate extension of the photo booth concept is achieved by combining digital photography technology and the internet, with the unique attributes of a wedding reception. Weddings are always enjoyable and festive occasions, but when you invite a large gathering of close friends and family to repeatedly enter a personal and very private automated portrait studio, the resulting pictures can be great, often leading to very memorable episodes. The ability to print the pictures moments after taking them is really what makes a photo booth so amusing at such an intimate event as a wedding. Guests quickly muster enough courage to share their newly created mementos, no matter how enthralling, with others. Thus, the excitement is usually ratcheted up a notch or two and games of oneupmanship are likely to ensue. Private web galleries posted to the internet days after the wedding broadens the fun further and enable guests to obtain additional copies of their favorite images. Additionally, the ability to provide the bridal couple with a complete collection of all their images on disk makes our new custom designed digital photo booth a perfect match for weddings and other special occasions. A wedding photo booth can be so engaging and entertaining, plus the resulting pictures are always fun and oftentimes amazing! This new and exciting conception is sure to become the next big thing in weddings.